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    ANT Build/Deployment to JBoss - HOWTO?

    gurka Newbie

      Is there a guide or link on the web someplace that shows how to create a basic ANT build script to compile and deploy an EJB(s) to JBoss?

      I have been searching all over the place and can't find a single clear and concise reference to one.


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          Jon Barnett Master

          There is no guide for deployment because you copy the completed EJB JAR to the JBoss deploy directory, or you ftp it to the JBoss deploy directory. So the JBoss specific portion consists of a couple of Ant tasks at best.

          The compilation and assembly of the JAR consists of putting the EJB META-INF descriptor files and the classes for the EJB into the JAR as per the EJB JAR specification. The construction depends entirely on how your IDE requires the constituent source and compiled classes to be organised. YMMV.