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    Connection Pooling for LDAP, Jabber

    jmbriggs Newbie

      I'm interested in setting up connection pooling for LDAP and Jabber. Our J2EE app is running on JBoss, and the database connections are already pooled through JCA using the provided JDBC resource adapter.

      So, I have investigated JCA a bit to see if that is the way to go to implement connection pooling for LDAP and Jabber, but I haven't come to a conclusion yet. If I was to use JCA, it looks like I would need to create resource adapters for LDAP and Jabber, which does not seem to be a trivial task.

      My question is, for what I am trying to accomplish (connection pooling) is JCA overkill? If so, what would the best course of action to be (ie. develop my own resource pooling package, use another api, etc).