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    Jboss 4 = what ejb version??

    Julien Martin Expert

      Can anyone tell me what ejb version is supported by jboss 4? If it is ejb 2.1 does it offer all the feature of ejb 2.1?

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Well first of all Jboss4.0 is under development so, it can't be used for deployment yet.
          Second Jboss4.x series will be implementing J2ee1.4 specs and if that's the case then Ejb-2.1 spec will be implemented, as J2ee-1.4 constitutes Ejb-2.1.
          It will be interesting to know what features of J2ee-1.4 u are looking for.
          Guys from JBOSS can corect me if this information is wrong.