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    Could I have my own conf directory?

    gerrylau Newbie

      Hi all, I would like to have a JBoss hierarchy like below:

      ---- MyApp
      -------- conf
      ------------ dbconfig.properties
      -------- deploy
      -------- lib

      If I put dbconfig.properties to JBoss/server/default/conf, I could use ResourceBundle.getBundle("dbconfig") to get properties. Probably JBoss helped me put dbconfig.properties into classpath. I want to use the same method to access dbconfig.properties in JBoss/MyApp/conf.

      How should I tell JBoss to load my conf? SystemPropertiesService loads properties to itself but not to classpath. Thus, I could not use ResourceBundle.

      Any advice is appreciated!


      PS: By the way, could I create my own 'server' such that I could run JBoss as 'run -c MyApp'?