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    methods access & security

    Alexandru Mernita Newbie

      i have a few questions/problems:
      i'm working on RMH book, first example.i made one called Agenda, everything is ok, but i can't make restrictions on methods.for example, in client side i have soemthing like this:
      public static Context getInitialContext()
      Properties p = new Properties();
      return new javax.naming.InitialContext(p);

      and in Meta-Inf /ejb-jar.xml i have




      the problem is that i can execute the client code, i mean i have access to methods even i change the name(from coyote to coyotea let say)

      PS: i want to restrict access from ejb-jar.xml as i saw in RMH ejb 2nd edition.isn't possible on jboss?

      (btw, RMH 4th edition covering ejb 2.1 spec. is UP and you can find first 8 chapters for free on theserverside.com)

      thank you folks for any help.