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    converting Sun J2EE app to Jboss??

    sian_baldwin Newbie

      Hi All...

      I am still relatively new to EJB development. But have been busy developing an application for the last month using the standard server and deploytool supplied by SUN with the j2ee zip.

      I now want to move my application to JBOSS 3.2.2 and i want to create all the JAR and WAR files myself, because i dont really know what goes into each as the deploytool has always done all this!! And i think jboss has some app specific descriptors??

      Please could someone answer these questions (or point me somewhere that does).

      1.Tell me what must go into a JAR file for Jboss (with example jboss descriptors) and where everything goes (example directory structure).

      2. The same as 1. for a WAR file (also...what is a MANIFEST.MF???)

      3. Can i drop both these into the default/deploy directory - or do i need to put them in a .ear?? If so how do i do this??

      Basically to cut a long story short...i have an application including JSPs, JSP Beans, Servlets, EJB (session and cmp), images, javascript ect etc....how do i package it for deployment to jboss???

      Many many thanks!!!

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          Vishal Sharma Expert

          Well the way i go about it , wil be using Xdoclet for thta, which will generate the DD (deployment descriptors) and relavent code files.
          as compred to devloping the application on SUN tools a u have mntioned u will find that this methodlogy drastically reduces the devlopment time and generates thd DD for u and u can see what is being generated and where.

          As far as sructure of jar and war file is concerned it remains same.
          Only addition is u have jboss.xml file in yr ejbxxx.jar file alongwith ejb-jar/xml and inw webxxx.war file u have jboss-web.xml file in addition to web.xml.
          These two files are appliction server specific as each application server does have some conffiguration issues and others.
          Also u have to be careful for JNDI names, esp in case of databases.
          Another one to look after is where yr naming server is listening which goes normally in to client side in properties file as in jboss it listens on jnp:\\1099
          Also have a loolk t this tutorial, which covers if u have to learn the path of Xdoclet.