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    WARNings starting Jboss322

    julius Newbie

      Dear Forum,
      Here runs Jboss322 on Linux RH8.0, very fast starting, very smoothly running, this is great stuff!
      Jboss, starting up, produces lots of INFO's that I do not understand but I like, because they tell me that all is well on board.
      Nevertheless there are three WARNings that I also do not understand but dislike because they make me feel careless.
      Whould anyone please explain what they mean or refer to an explanation on the web, and maybe tell what to do about them?:

      92:13:46:39,360 WARN [Heartbeat] Heartbeat disabled
      What is Heartbeat? Doesn't Jboss need a Heartbeat? Well, I do, so how serious is this?
      Couldn't find nothing on any of Jboss's forums.

      129:13:46:45,440 WARN [JkMain] No properties file found /jboss322/server/default/conf/jk2.properties
      What is the purpose of this config file viz. what should go in it under what circonstances?
      In this forum I found, that "jk2.properties is related to apache load balancing" (Juha). So, if Apache is not used (but Jboss instead) the WARNing can be ignored? And what, if Apache is in the air?

      138:13:46:48,374 WARN [EmbeddedTomcatService] Unable to invoke setDelegate on class loader:org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc4.WebCtxLoader$ENCLoader@111bfbc
      This one is repeated every once in a while and makes me feel uneasy. Should it?
      The install-forum has an entry that suggests it's harmless:
      The error thrown is a NoSuchMethodException and it is ignored.
      The class org.jboss.web.tomcat.tc4.WebCtxLoader has a method setDelegate() which is a no-op.

      And, by the way, where has Jetty gone? Is it irrevocably replaced by Tomcat? I kind of liked Jetty, small and fast, so to me
      it's a pitty.

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          julius Newbie

          Finally I've got it all my way:
          Two separate Linux RH8.0 machines, each running jboss 3.2.2 on jsdk 1.4.2_02 and Tomcat replaced by Jetty! No more WARNings except for the "Heartbeat"-thing! The one jboss-machine serves a presentation layer consisting of .jsp files. These transact with the other machine's EJB-beans communicating with the Hypersonic database. This works flaw-less-ly without any security problems! Mind you, jsdk141 on de bean-machine is NOT good enough to do this tric.
          Next step will be to use a MySQL database in stead of Hypersonic.