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    mdb not listening

    dafei Newbie

      hi, everyone:

      i am new to message driven beans, just testing out some sample code i got from sun java's jms tuturial materials. i am using the latest version of jboss. i created a mdb, i should say i copied the sample mdb from sun's tuturials, just an empty mdb, i also cpied the qsender. i compiled everything just fine, deploied the mdb fine too, but when i send messages to the queue/testQueue, the mdn, which was set to that queue/testQueue, does not seem to respond to the messages, i dont see anything coming out from ejbCreate(), the onMessage method does not print out anything either.

      i tested all the code using qsender, textListener, they work very well, just the mdb does not work, dont know why. can anyone shed some light, please. thank you in advance.