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    Duplicate Class - but we need them !!

    shaggi Newbie

      we have been using jboss 2.4 and have just upgraded to 3.2.
      Our application consists of various war files normaly deployed to separate webserver/application servers
      in our live environment.
      - In development we use 1 jboss instance and just drop the war files in the deploy directory and everything works.....

      However with 3.2, the deploy is fine, but when you try calling the appliation we get

      javax.servlet.ServletException: duplicate class definition

      Now, seeing we have a standard library included in each of our wars, there will be duplicate classes... We will need them for our live deploy where everything will be separate.

      Is there anyway I can configure jboss so each war file is deployed separately so I can avoid this duplicate class problem, or will I have to run lots of instances of jboss ?

      Any suggestions gratefuly received,