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    Move a deployed EJB to another machine

    huskerchen Newbie


      I set up my development environtment including two machine, named "admin" and "web". I have two EJB's: the AdminEJB sit on the "admin" machine calls the WebEJB which sit on the "web" machine.

      "admin" machine is my development environment, these two EJBs work find on this machine,
      The "admin" is running windows OS and the "web" is running linux. Now the two ejbs work fine on the "admin", now I need to move the "WebAdmin" to the "web" machine. What I need to change in the file?

      I suppose I need to change the deployment descriptor for JBOSS, so that the "AdminEJB" knows to call the "WebEJB" on the "web" machine other then the one at local machine, but I didn't find where to change it.

      I am using eclipse + lomboz.