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    JBoss Doc subsription...

    Yaakov Chaikin Newbie


      Does anyone know if all the books that are shown on the doc page are included in the $99 subscription?

      I wasn't clear to me from the web page.

      Also, I haven't seen anything to convince myself that at least one of those books in the $99 subscription will avoid talking about how JBoss is built and just talk about how to USE it! I.e., I am looking a book that would teach me how to deploy and develop applications for JBoss. At this point, I don't really care how it implements the "under the hood." I just want to know how to drive it well. I am concerned that the developers who wrote those docs didn't write it with simplicity in mind (after all, they are the developers of this complicated thing). I want a book that would walk me through A-Z on how-tos in JBoss. Get my point?

      Would someone tell me if the $99 subscirption includes that type of material? Is it only one book about it and majority of the books really talk about the plumbing of JBoss?

      I hope I am clear about what I want to find out.


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          patrick Novice

          You do not really have to buy those books.

          Only if you want to tweak your installation.

          But if you want to deploy things and tweak them it is good to know something about the plumbing and developing good ejb applications is not simple.

          grt Patrick

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            Yaakov Chaikin Newbie

            Thanks for you reply...

            Tweak the installation? Well, are the docs that explain how to deploy and configure the server included?

            I am not sure what you mean by "tweak"? I've deployed apps on Tomcat, Weblogic and it's never just the installation. You need to know what to change to get your DataSource setup. You need to know where to go to, say get your security setup, get it to use digested passwords with encryption algorithms...

            I need to know if I would spending $100 on mostly finding out things that are beyond the regular basics, like "how the server works on the hood", or on how to set up the server, configure it and know where to go to change things that every day J2EE development and deployment needs. Where is the hot deploy area? How do I setup connection pooling? How do I set up JMS? How do I setup global JNDI? and so on...

            So, I need to find out if the documentation will give me a very good "how-tos" manual.

            Will it?


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              patrick Novice

              Do not know anymore actually where i got the information from.

              But most questions and answers i think can be found in this forum. There are sample apps in the documentation and you can search for most of you questions in those samples.

              Furthermore it takes time. I actually only know jboss pretty well (For what i am using it).

              And the hot deploy


              But there are some class loading issues.

              And now about the tweaking is how to configure EJB loading stratigies keeping things in the cash enso enso

              And you could see the documentation also as a license fee for jboss $100 is not that much for an app server

              grt Patrick