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    swing applications and jboss

    Brandon Fouts Newbie

      I am looking for some information and examples on how to develop a swing application that will interact with classes or an entire application contained in jboss. Instead of using a browser or typical web environment that jboss normally is used for....i would like to build a swing or SWT application that would be able to interact with let's say an inventory application, instead of publishing this through the web or a set of web pages...i want to build a GUI frontend (not an applet) that will interact with my server-side application. The reason i would like to do this is to take advantage of all the jboss features and to save myself coding time for creating db pools, logging, security, etc the other reason is that i don't want to use a browser considering some of my application ideas are very complex and may be harder to handle in a browser.

      If anyone could give me some information or point me in a certain direction i would appreciate it! I may not have searched in the correct areas for an answer but i have not ran across anything to help me out with this!

      thanks in advance!