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    Using JbossJMX ant tasks

    Aaron Lippold Newbie

      Hello All,

      I was hoping someone knew where I could find some examples or a set of task definitions or docs for the jbossjmx-ant.jar ant task definitions. I am hoping to hoping to monitor the deployment/undeployment and server status of my Jboss instance and MBeans when going though my builds/tests in ant.

      For example, some things I would like Ant to be able to do are :

      1. Don't run this set of JUnit tests untill my new .ear is deployed.
      2. What .jars are packaged in the currently deployed xxx.ear file
      3. Deploy/undeploy this .[ e|s|w ]ar from this server

      I believe the jbossjmx-ant.jar files gives me these tasks I just cannot seem to find docs on the ant task definitions. I was hoping for something like what the ant documentation provides.

      Any suggestions?