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    Missing source code?

    William Mitchell Newbie

      Should the source for all the classes in the three 3.1.0 jars be in richfaces-ui-3.1.0-src.zip?

      I've really got that stupid question feeling but I'm having trouble finding the source for various RichFaces classes. For one example, HtmlDndParam is in richfaces-ui-3.1.0.jar but not in richfaces-ui-3.1.0-src.zip.

      I see this:

      % jar tvf richfaces-ui-3.1.0.jar | grep HtmlDndParam
      2348 Wed Sep 12 17:39:20 MST 2007 org/richfaces/component/html/HtmlDndParam.class
      % jar tvf richfaces-ui-3.1.0-src.zip | grep HtmlDndParam

      I wondered if maybe some src files have multiple classes so I searched the concatenation of all .java files in the src zip for HtmlDndParam but didn't find even one occurrence.

      With a little script I found that richfaces-ui-3.1.0-src.zip has the source for all classes in richfaces-api-3.1.0.jar, but doesn't have source for 20 of the classes in richfaces-impl-3.1.0.jar and also doesn't have the source for 212 of the classes in richfaces-ui-3.1.0.jar

      But it's late and I might be missing something... :)