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    Missing ejbGenerate.xml

    erwin.des Newbie


      I refert to the Tutorial on J2EE using JBOSS, Eclipse and Lomboz : http://www.tusc.com.au/tutorial/html/index.html

      I'm struggling with the first Chapter. I followed the instruction and arrived at the part where I created a web and ejb-module.
      In the package explorer, the 'MyBank' directory has indeed 7 files, but in place of an ejbGenerate.xml I have an xdoclet.xml !
      For this reason, the test-case doesn't run. It is missing the ejbCreate.xml.

      Can anyone help me out?
      I'm using : Eclipse 2.1.2 , JBoss 3.2.1 and Lomboz 2.1.2

      Thanks in advance,