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    List of packages/jars?

    Marco Schulze Newbie

      Hello *,

      I just set up jboss (3.2.2) with eclipse (3.0M5) and I bought a book containing a CD with some examples. When I tried to get the first example running, I was confronted with not finding the class org.jboss.util.ServiceMBeanSupport.

      1st question: Is this class not existing anymore (the book refers to an older jboss version)? I'm pretty sure that I've registered all jars that exist, but it doesn't work.

      2nd question: Is there a list with all packages (or maybe even classes) and the jar, they're in?

      3rd question: I want to write a client/server-application using rmi. I assume, rmi is done via soap and Tomcat, by default?!

      4th question: Is there a way to configure that data is automatically zipped to minimize traffic?

      5th question: If I have to transfer large resultsets, are there possibilities to use own serialization formats instead of xml (e.g. special tables to minimize traffic)?

      Sorry to ask so many things of which some are probably already answered, but I didn't find anything useful concerning my org.jboss.util.ServiceMBeanSupport problem and I hope you might be so kind to answer my other questions, too...

      Thousand thanks in advance!

      Best regards, Marco.