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    package not found -- but it was before

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      i have created my own class WonderString mainly to define my own findAndReplace method. i have created it in a package called com.ellanet, and successfully imported it into a jsp page earlier. however, now that i have redeployed after making changes to some of my other classes in com.ellanet, i am getting a "package does not exist" error on jsp compilation. Here's my directory structure:


      like i said, my jsp was successfully importing the package before, don't know what i did to break it. i have been using javac from the command line to compile class files, i.e.

      >javac WonderString.java -d APP.war/WEB-INF/classes

      any help anyone can give me would be great. i haven't been able to find any documentation on how to properly deploy packages for simple class files (i.e. not beans). i must have done it right the first time, but i don't remember exactly what i did!



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          It is rather easy for you to determine whether your package have been properly packaged . You can use any zip utility to browse through your war file to see whether your package has been properly structure in accordance with your desire class structure , before package as ear and deploy into jboss.