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    commandLink and commandButton do not work in a tabPanel usin

    Gabor Nagypal Newbie

      When I updated from richfaces 3.0.1 to 3.1 I noticed the following problem: if I have a tabPanel that uses the selected tab attribute, commandLink and commandButton components that are in a tab just stop working. With "stop working" I mean that the action method is not invoked at all, and after clicking the link/button the same page is rendered again. Neither h:commandLink nor a4j:commandLink (and ...Button) work. Interestingly, s:link (the Seam link component) does.

      When I remove the selectedTab attribute, the commandLinks (and Buttons) start working again. However, it would be very important for me that the tabPanel remembers its state. Any ideas on that, why it does not work? Is it a bug?