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    CMP Entity Bean Table not being Deleted

    John Rasmussen Newbie

      I've create CMP Bean with


      I've removed all deployment jars, etc., in an attempt to remove table, but I get

      [EjbModule] Deploying FundMixerEJB
      [FundMixerEJB] Table 'FUNDMIXEREJB' already exists

      At startup....

      Now I add a new field, and I get

      10:07:32,514 INFO [STDOUT] create RemoteException; EJBException:; nested exception is:
      javax.ejb.EJBException: Load failed; CausedByException is:
      Column not found: FUNDS in statement [SELECT funds FROM FUNDMIXEREJB WHERE (name='myPortfolio')]
      10:07:32,524 INFO [STDOUT] fundList size = 1




      all Get / Set methods are ok.

      Any Idea what I'm doing wrong.