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    Bizarre Error Redeploying!!!

    drayru Newbie

      I have a j2ee application...
      a servlet calls a method in a stateless session ejb, the ejb calls
      a method in other normal class an so on.
      I throw a Exception in a low level class and it is raised up
      passing by the EJB and arriving to the Servlet.
      When i deploy and restart the server all works fine, but
      if i redeploy the application without restarting the server
      a horrible 'Unexpected Throwable' exception ruins it all.

      My exception arrives to the EJB but. it doesn't arrive
      to the servlet... in change, the 'Unexpected Throwable'
      blinks in the console.

      Complete error is
      18:50:07,234 ERROR [LogInterceptor] Unexpected Error:
      org.jboss.util.NestedError: Unexpected Throwable; - nested throwable: ( ||||||||INTRANET_EXCEPTION

      where INTRANETEXCEPTION is my exception

      serious.... I really need help