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    Calendar and Tooltip problem


      I get a null pointer error if I place a tool tip inside the calendar tag.

      <rich:calendar id="#{id}"
       <rich:toolTip rendered="#{! empty errorFieldMessage}">
       <h:message for="#{id}" />

      I would like for this message to be displayed over my input field. Previous to this I was using the title parameter to display tootips on input fields, but this is superior.

      Please advise.

      Also is it possible to render the icon as a separate component? The way I lay out my forms calls for relocation of the icon. Currently I am using a 1X1 transparent image with a text field that is not editable so the my layout is not changed. With Seam selectDate below the layout of the icon is able to be controlled.

      <h:inputText id="checkinDate" value="#{booking.checkinDate}" required="true">
       <s:convertDateTime pattern="MM/dd/yyyy"/>
       <s:selectDate for="checkinDate">
       <h:graphicImage url="img/dtpick.gif" style="margin-left:5px;cursor:pointer"/>

      Actually if it were able to funtion the way the seam date selection worked as an option then both of my problems would be solved.