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    Application packaging questions

    mweaver Newbie

      I have an application I would like to package up in an ear file. This application has third party jars that both the EJBs and the Web (war) components need. I don't want to put these third party jars in the deploy directory. I want these jars confined only to this application. What I don't really understand is how J2EE specifies and JBOSS performs the loading of these jars for ear deployments. War files are fairly clear about where to put this kind of dependent file but I am unclear about ejb jars and ears. I think I can alter the MANIFEST in the ear file to recognize these dependent jars if that is the only way. It seems there should be a simpler more straight forward method of including shared jars so that the top level ear class loader exposes them to all the children. Any pointers to explanations, documentation, samples and recommendations for optimal packaging would be appreciated.