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    Help: No ProxyFactory, check for ProxyFactoryFinderIntercept

    nthoc Newbie


      "nthoc" wrote:
      Hello every body, i'm new to jboss. I'm trying this step-by-step tutorial at:


      This is a simple example which creates a session bean named Interest (I think that a lot of people here know this example). When i run the client test, i've got this :

      Got context
      Got reference
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: No ProxyFactory, check for proxyFactoryFinderInterceptor

      and here are codes in the client program that cause error:

      // Get a naming context
      InitialContext jndiContext = new InitialContext();
      System.out.println("Got context");

      // Get a reference to the Interest Bean
      Object ref = jndiContext.lookup("interest/Interest");
      System.out.println("Got reference");

      // Get a reference from this to the Bean's Home interface
      InterestHome home = (InterestHome)
      PortableRemoteObject.narrow (ref, InterestHome.class);
      System.out.println("Got home");

      // Create an Interest object from the Home interface
      Interest interest = home.create();
      System.out.println("interest created");

      // call the calculateCompoundInterest() method to do the calculation
      System.out.println ("Interest on 1000 units, at 10% per period, compounded over 2 periods is:");
      System.out.println (interest.calculateCompoundInterest (1000, 0.10, 2));
      catch(Exception e)

      Could anyone help me ? i really don't know how to fix this. thanks in advance.

      if possible, email me to nguyen_thanh_hoc@yahoo.com. Thanks.