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    What is the recommended

    Rasmus Pedersen Newbie


      "rasped" wrote:

      We are running BEA 5.1 and Oracle 8.1. If we would convert BEA 5.1 to JBOSS and Oracle to some open source database, then the question is what database should we choose? The solution needs to run in a production environment and the database is about 1 GB in size with 5 million rows in the largest table.

      If anyone know what the "official" JBOSS database should be, then I would appriciate it.


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          Jon Barnett Master


          "jonlee" wrote:
          There is no "official" JBoss database. J2EE systems are largely intended to be database agnostic - the database being just another datasource. The only issue is whether you use any specific features of a particular database. JBoss Group have just reached an agreement with MySQL AB to guarantee product interoperability so that might influence your thinking.

          However, Oracle, PostgreSQL and DB2 have some architectural similarities and management similarities that might convince you to go down the PostgreSQL path. But I have a preference for these three and have worked with porting J2EE applications amongst these.


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            The Jin Group Newbie


            "jin" wrote:
            "jin" wrote:
            If you can pay , try with PointBase ( a Java-based RDBMS)
            Really, any Database can be used ... the only thing to keep in mind is not use specific features to manintain the portability.