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    To Jboss or not to Jboss, that is the ?

    vicvac Newbie


      I am from the dark side, a sys admin (I always have grief with developers sooner or later) trying to make sense of the myriad of application servers.

      I have an e-commerce site built on an old application server (running on the webserver with a little tomcat action) that no longer exists, there is DB2 on the backend running on an AS/400 handling fulfillment. There is an issue of the server freezing up once 75 concurrent connections are established.

      I am looking to migrate to a platform that is supported, maintained and easy to find resources (consultants that know what they are doing) to manage the system.

      Support, stability and ease of migration are key here. One wonders if just sticking with IBM because of the existing infrastructure offers benefits moving to websphere. Maybe there are tool kits and added "ease of use" benefits to using websphere.

      I love supporting open source, but how do I do it safely? In other words, who is certified, how do I get support and know that a Jboss consultant is qualified and can handle my ecommerce site? What happens if it goes down in the middle of the night? Are there companies and groups where there is support?

      I know what IBM will tell me if I ask this question of them, I spent a lot of time reading TheServerSide.org and what I hear there is if you really understand WAS then its a good platform.

      Migration is a pain so I want to do this right and once. Money is an issue but this is a profitable ecommerce site that sells a lot of stuff. So budget is a concern but STABILITY, SCALEABILITY and SECURITY are the real issues.

      Thoughts, comments? Help?