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    Problem with Deploying

    palanihere Newbie


      "palanihere" wrote:
      Hi Guys,
      Trying to implement the example in


      I have made all the classpath declarations etc. When I try to deploy by selscting the MyBank I'm getting an error message

      Buildfile: D:\eclipse-SDK-2.1\eclipse\workspace\Test\MyBank\META-INF\build.xml


      [jar] Building jar: D:\eclipse-SDK-2.1\eclipse\workspace\Test\MyBank\META-INF\MyBank.jar

      [copy] Copying 1 file to D:\unzipped\jboss-3.2.1\server\all\deploy
      [delete] Deleting: D:\eclipse-SDK-2.1\eclipse\workspace\Test\MyBank\META-INF\MyBank.jar

      [ant] BUILD FAILED: file:D:/eclipse-SDK-2.1/eclipse/workspace/Test/MyBank/META-INF/build.xml:64: java.io.FileNotFoundException: D:\eclipse-SDK-2.1\eclipse\workspace\Test\MyBank\META-INF\deploy.xml (The system cannot find the file specified)
      Total time: 1 second

      The filke build.xml did not have the extension. So I thought it must be the reason and changed name from 'build' to "build.xml".

      I stopped and started the server and when i clikc Deploy nothing is happening. Am I doing anything wrong ? Please advice.
      Thank you.