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    JBoss Tutorial Guide

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      "jyaporms21" wrote:
      Hi guys,

      I was doing this JBoss-IDE 1.2.2 Tutorial Guide for like a day or two now and have not found any success. if anybody of you had success on this, can you send it to me on my email jgeronim@iwiphil.com. Appreciate it.


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          jyaporms21 Newbie

          finally... I manage to make it work.
          Thanks to all this bits of info from all this forum...
          Now I can get to experiment with this.

          The tutorial guide really works.

          if anybody here is interested, im using
          - Jboss 3.2.3
          - Tomcat 5.0
          - Win2k Prof
          - Apache 2.0.48

          * Life is so complicated!