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    Architecture assembly; Hibernate with JBoss, Struts 1.1, jst

    erikgu Newbie

      Hi all
      I've started on a project where I've started using the Struts framework (with some JSTL tags as well) in the web tier. I've handcrafted a hibernate *.hbm.xml file which I generate my ddl / sql definitions and also auto-generate some POJO java beans for data access. I've created a DAO pattern and are trying to retrieve my db-data with hibernate. A stateless session bean (SessionFacade) is calling directly to my DAO and forwards my hibernate java beans as value objects to my web tier.

      Q1: Does this sound like a good plan..?

      I also might also want to use another EJB container, so I might not want to use the JMX .sar approach, but rather include the whole deal into my ear.

      Q2: But how can I access my hibernate configuration files ect. from inside the ejb-app.?

      Also when I initiate my app the logging is massive. For example my struts and jstl libraries are dumping out [DEBUG] lines in big numbers. (50 Mb on JBoss startup. I've enabled tiles and validation)

      Q3: How do I control logging on each level?

      Any thoughts..? Tanks for any comments!

      Best regards
      - Erik

      By the way I'm developing on XP with JBoss 3.2.1 - Tomcat 4.1.x, hibernate 2, jstl 1.0, struts 1.1, ant 1.5.2 and eclipse 3M2.