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    JBoss hangs on linux on exception

    mandar Newbie

      Jboss server seems to hang when a Stateless Session Bean throws an exception. No entity beans. Stateless session beans call Stored Procedures and then throws custom exception in case of some conditions.
      This issue is also seen for standard exceptions like javax.naming.NameNotFoundException (when one bean tries to call another bean which is not deployed)

      Jboss version 3.2.0
      Java version 1.4.1_02
      Operating System: Read Hat Enterprise 9 V3

      The server waits for exactly 3 minutes and 10 seconds (190 seconds). After that the client gets the response.

      The beans do not use any transactions (NotSupported).

      Any ideas on what can I check in my setup.


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          mandar Newbie

          Here is some more information

          If I have a single EJB that throws an exception, jboss server does not hang.
          However if I have first EJB calling a second EJB and if some exception is thrown, the server hangs for 190 seconds.
          It enters the catch block of second bean and returns the control to the caller bean only after waiting for 190 seconds.

          Please advise what can be wrong in my setup.

          Thanks in advance.