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    jboss and netmon ( security space software ) compatibility

    surajmundada Newbie


      We have installed netmon ( netwrok monitoring software from Security Space ) to check the status of one of stateful session beans on JBoss 3.2.0 Tomcat 4.1.24. Installation was done in last week.

      After installation, JBoss has gone down or crashed for 5-6 times in last week. This was never the case in last 8 months.

      Also, there are lots of socket exceptions in daily log from last week.

      Notable thing is log for a particular day also showed a statement reading
      "java.net.SocketException: Software caused connection abort".

      Is netmon creating any problems ?

      Also, there are lots of passsivation statements for that particular stateful session bean. I have been using default configuration till now.

      We are thinking about increasing the no. of cache instances for stateful session beans and also maxProcessors value for Tomcat threads to increase the JBOSS capacity.

      Can anybody throw some light on it ?