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    Help! JBoss 3.2.3: Stateless Session Beans and isIdentical

    csmmoss Newbie

      After switching from JBoss 3.2.1 to 3.2.3, a jUnit test for equivalence between two stateless session beans is now failing. (Code at bottom!)

      Previously, under 3.2.1, this assertion test passed:

      assertEqual("catalog same", catalog, newCatalog); // TRUE

      as do these:
      assertTrue("catalog same", newCatalog.equals(catalog)); // TRUE
      assertTrue("catalog same", newCatalog.isIdentical(catalog)); // TRUE

      But under 3.2.3 (& 3.2.2) none of the following evaluate to true (...unless we change the session beans to stateful):
      assertEqual("catalog same", catalog, newCatalog);
      assertTrue("catalog same", newCatalog.equals(catalog));
      assertTrue("catalog same", newCatalog.isIdentical(catalog));

      After brushing up on EJB equivalence rules, I can understand why 'equals()' fails (although, I'm now uncertain why it works under 3.2.1) , but as far as I can tell, these two stateless beans should be Identical.

      Code snippits:

      The Action Class
      public class EventListAction extends ProtectedAction {
       LocalEventCatalog eventCatalog;
       /** Initializes the servlet.
       public LocalEventCatalog getCatalog() {
       if ( eventCatalog == null ) {
       try {
       Context ctx = new InitialContext();
       LocalEventCatalogHome home =
       eventCatalog = home.create();
       catch ( NamingException ne ) {
       throw new ServletException(
       "naming exception looking up LocalEventCatalogHome", ne );
       catch ( CreateException ce ) {
       throw new ServletException(
       "create exception creating LocalEventCatalog", ce );
       return eventCatalog;

      The Test Class
      public class TestEventListAction extends ServletTestCase {
       public void testGetCatalog() {
       EventListAction action = new EventListAction();
       LocalEventCatalog catalog = action.getCatalog();
       assertNotNull( "catalog not null", catalog );
       LocalEventCatalog newCat = action.getCatalog();
       assertNotNull( "new cat not null", newCat );
       assertEquals( "catalog same", catalog, newCat ); // FAILS!
       assertTrue( "catalog same", newCat.equals(catalog)); // FAILS!
       assertEquals( "catalog same", newCat.isIdentical(catalog)); // FAILS!

      We've alse tried (for testing purposes) pre-creating the Bean in the Action, along with a simplified getCatalog() method to return it:
      public LocalEventCatalog getCatalog() {
       return this.eventCatalog;

      and then changing the Test Class to make successive calls to the Action:
      LocalEventCatalog catalog = action.getCatalog();
       LocalEventCatalog newCat = action.getCatalog();

      But even this evaluates to FALSE equality in all three cases.

      Only when we change the Bean to "stateful" do they all evaluate to TRUE, under JBoss 3.2.2+ And this appears to be at direct odds with the EJB spec, for the case of stateless beans. Are we missing something here?