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    Autodeployer only gets *.jar file

    Michael Remijan Newbie


      inside of /WEB-INF/lib I have an XML configuration file. When JBoss deploys the ear it only un-jars the *.jar files. Anyone know how I can get it to extract my XML file as well?

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          Mike Finn Apprentice

          What kind of XML configuration file? And what do you expect the deployer to do with it? For anything out of the ordinary (web.xml, struts-config.xml, jboss-web.xml, etc), you will need to write a custom deployer. If it's just something you need access to programmatically at runtime, use getResourceAsStream() to load it off the classpath (which should include web-inf/lib IIRC).

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            Michael Remijan Newbie

            Actually it's not a concern now because the latest release of JBoss with Tomcat5 does unjar the XML file for me. The XML file is nothing special, just configuration info for my application. I do not want to use getResourceAsStream() because I want to be able to change the XML file and have the application hot-reconfigure itself without having to restart jboss. This is a simple thing to do but getResourceAsStream() does not allow for it.