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    how to keep ears from redeploying.

    courtney_c Newbie

      Is there anyway I can keep ears from redeploying to a new tmp folder everytime the app server starts.

      I am deploying the coldfusion mx ear, and everytime jboss starts, the settings are wiped out, and it thinks its the first time its deployed. All the settings show the tmp path. Really the problem comes from a difference with how jrun deploys and jboss. In JRun the deployed ear is kept in a static location when its extracted so any files generated arent removed when the tmp folder gets destroyed.

      Any recomendations?

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          Irvin Owens Jr Newbie

          I was having the same type of problem, but I think you should reinstall coldfusion mx, this time selecting the WAR file option. Then create two directories under your ~/server/default/deploy/ directory called cfusion.war and CFIDE.war. Then rename the rds.war file that is output from the installer to CFIDE.war. Switch to those directories, the cfusion.war first, then type jar -xvf /[your path to cfide.war]/cfusion.war. That will unpack the cfusion.war file, then switch to the CFIDE.war directory and follow the same steps, except unpack the CFIDE.war file.

          I have had limited success with this option as coldfusion stays set up, but there are some errors during deployment / JBoss startup. I'm still trying to work those errors out.

          - Onezero

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            Steven Lowrey Newbie

            When you install CFMX 7 install it cfusion.ear version. Then unpack cfusion.ear to cfusion.ear (DIRECTORY) then extract cfusion.war to cfusion-war. If you need the RDS then extract rds.war to CFIDE-war. remove the cfusion.ear, cfusion.war, and rds.war. Then modified the cfusion.ear/META-INF/application.xml to reflect the correct directories for the war's dir. PLACE cfusion.ear into you deploy directory. You should be able to keep you setting from that time forth.

            Steve Lowrey