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    Persistent JNDI?

    crosenbury Newbie

      I have a requirement to integrate an application running on JBoss with an application running on a .NET platform. Most of the integration will be simple, but the security handshake between the two applications requires that I send an app-id and password. They did not use normal security certificates, but instead, they change the password every couple of days, and I am required to store the change.

      I would prefer not to have to create a database to store one piece of data in one table, so I would like to know if JBoss has any sort of persistent JNDI, that will store a value accross the shutdown of the server. It doesn't really have to be JNDI, it could be anything that lets me store a small amount of data, like a couple of short strings. (in case I have to integrate other stuff later.)

      The key is that this data should be persistent in case the JBoss server needs to be taken off line, so that the latest value will be there when the server starts backk up.

      Thanks, in advance, for any help.