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    Basic design question

    lizak Newbie

      So far I've just written internal .JSP apps. Now we are looking at a larger project allowing data access to our external customers.

      - Oracle database on internal network that supports the business. Want to allow authenticated users to query and update some data on this database. Few concurrent customers so performance and scaleability isn't as important as security and ease of development and maintenance. Data concurancy is very important so replicated data isn't an option.

      I'm thinking of an app server outside the network to handle the front end request using .JSP pages. I'm not comfortable putting database connections on this public machine and opening up holes in my firewall even though that seems a simple way to go. Do I need to put an App server inside the network and put the database connections there and only let the public App server talk to the internal App server? Is that overkill or is that the proper way to do it?

      Thanks for any feedback.


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          Holger Baxmann Novice

          it is a common scenario to have a so called DMZ (definitive mindless zaphod) between the DBMS and the public enemies.

          The request from the world outside the Matrix will go through the first firewall and meet the HTTP Server, which will decide if this request will be forwarded to an dynamically generated page behind the second firewall - the App server, which in turn will eventually ask an Oracle about the contents via an ssh/stunnel-wrapped JDBC connection.

          any further questions?