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    JBoss acting screwy, stopping services for no apparent reaso

    sophomore Newbie

      I have JBoss 3.2.2 running a web application. The server has been stopping web services, throwing unexplainable exceptions, and doing other screwy things for no traceable reason. Just today, one of my jsp's threw an exception because it could not locate the getClass() method needed to instantiate a bean through a useBean tag. However, every other page that uses the SAME EXACT useBean line worked fine. This has to be a problem with JBoss, because after we rebooted the server, the page loaded fine -- we did not change a single line of code in it.

      Then, I uploaded the following page named "redirerd.jsp":

      <%@ page contentType="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" language="java" %>
      if (request.getParameter("id") != null && request.getParameter("id").length() > 0) {
      response.sendRedirect("data_view.jsp?saveId=" + request.getParameter("id") + "&typeFilter=65");
      } else {

      After I uploaded the page, I went to view it. It looked like JBoss was translating/compiling the page, but it never loaded in my browser. Then, I discovered that web services had stopped running in JBoss and that the whole site was down.

      When web services stop, nothing else seems affected. The computer stays alive, as does FTP, etc. Loading pages in a browser just hangs, then eventually delivers a response as if the site did not exist. JBoss does not appear to be stuck in any infinite loops or anything, as there is always tons of available memory and CPU.

      Does this sound familiar to ANYONE? Am I posting in the wrong forum? I appreciate any help anyone can lend to this predicament, and thank you in advance.