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    problem with google map

    Jiang Liu Newbie

      Hi all,

      I tried to use:

      <rich:gmap gmapVar="map" zoom="#{gm.zoom}"
      style="width:350px; height:250px" gmapKey="#{gm.gmapkey}"
      showGLargeMapControl="false" showGScaleControl="false"
      showGMapTypeControl="false" enableDragging="true"
      enableContinuousZoom = "true"
      warningMessage="Your browser does not support Google Maps" />

      to generate a google map in my page. However, the map never shows up and i got this error message:

      Error: Event.observe is not a function
      Source File: http://localhost:8080/blah/a4j.res/script/gmap.js

      The error is happened in this line: "function __addLoadEvent(func){Event.observe(window,"load",func);}".

      So could anyone suggest me how to fix this error?

      Thanks in advance!