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    CVS tag for version

    nonmin Newbie


      I am looking for a release of JBoss that our company is using right
      now. I just have the zip file: JBoss-2.2.2_Tomcat-3.2.2.zip but don't
      know the cvs tag/branch. The reason is that I just modified a file of
      src/org/jboss/ejb/plugins/EntityInstanceInterceptor.java to sleep for random time(the original put comments there, but no implementation for possible deadlock). I don't know how to build it. From some document, it says that I need to download from cvs for that branch. Then I can build it. Could anyone please help me to find that branch tag, so I can download it? I notice that all files at that branch dated as 6/9/2001 5:45pm. Also is there a document that tells me how to build it from the cvs?

      Your help is really appreciated.