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    JNDI over HTTPS working, but not JMS over HTTPS

    rmathew Newbie

      I am working on getting JMS to go over HTTPS for my current project.
      I have gotten far enuf to get JNDI working over HTTPS..
      However, now the problem is in the JMS itself over HTTPS. I create the connection factory using
      TopicConnectionFactory cF= (TopicConnectionFactory)jndi.lookup("HTTPXAConnectionFactory");
      Is this all that needs to be done or do I need to make any other config changes?
      Currently monitoring reveals that data from the client is not going to the HTTPS port of 8443, but the normal HTTP port 8080 instead.
      However, the web server has been setup for HTTPS, as a request like
      https://192.168.x.y shows up the certificate. In any case, JNDI lookup works properly, so HTTPS setup is fine I guess.
      Any tips and help, greatly appreciated.
      Thanks a lot,