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    Simple deployment question

    mvanhorn Newbie

      I think I must have a mental block because I can't seem to figure out how to do this.
      I have a web application that depends on a Hibernate service archive. How do I make sure the sar deploys before the war? There doesn't seem to be a element in jboss-web.xml, so where does it go?

      The stucture is this:
      +--some common .jars

      JBoss deploys the jars in the ear just fine, then the datasource, then it tries to deploy the war file and it get a big fat error since the hibernate service is not deployed, and the war has a Servlet Filter that depends on it.

      What can I do?

      Matt Van Horn

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          Michael Daleiden Newbie

          You need to add a depends tag to your jboss-web.xml that specifies the JMX objectname of the your Hibernate JMX component:

          <depends>jmx-objectname from myapp-hibernate.sar</depends>

          The placement of this tag is not important (as long as it is a direct child element of the jboss-web root element). I usually have this tag right at the top of the XML, so that it is easy to spot when viewing the XML in an editor.