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    Where is the source code of the database pools manager?

    k2c Newbie

      Hi to all,

      I have a simple problem in jboss 2.4.9. I have a bean using a database. If the database goes down for some time the jboss pool of conections becomes invalid. If the database becomes available again the bean will not work because of the invalid pool of connections.

      I am trying not to upgrade to version 3.4.9 because of beans dependencies. So iam trying to find the place where the connections to the DB are made and try to insert some kind of code which validates them and restarts or stops the pool if the database becomes invalid. What i want to do is to write code in this version which might solve the problem i explained above.

      I know that version 3.4.9 already solves this problem. So iam trying to find in the source code where they solve this kind of problem and trying to adapt that piece of code in the 2.4.9 version.

      Now here is where the problem resides. Iam new to jboss and suddenly i have this problem to solve and have to have knowledge about two distinct versions of jboss which have a source code completely different. I am becoming a bit confused here and i need urgent help from you guys.
      Can anyone help me on this matter ?

      1. Where can i begin looking in the source code in 2.4.9 and 3.4.9?
      2. Where are the pools created and managed ?
      3. Is there another simple way to solve this problem?

      I really need help on this matter. Every help is needed. Thanks
      to all in advance.