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    Not able to debug in JBosss

    Leandro Terra Melo Newbie

      Hi, beginner's problem.
      When I start debuging jboss from eclipse, if i use F6 ( "step into" ) and the app is going from a cliente method to a method on the local or remote interface, for example, eclipse displays a message for the

      Class File Editor

      Source not found
      The source atachment does not contain....
      You can change the source attachment by clicking

      Change Attached Source //.. This is the button i'm supplied to click
      // and when I click...

      A dialog opens and asks me for a file (jar or zip) containig the source for 'jboss.jar' ( sometimes it asks me for another file like rt.jar).
      If i browse and select server/default/lib/jboss.jar as the file, does not work.

      What shoud I do to debug correctly ( as i'm getting an error in between procedure call, one "return..." from one method everything is ok, but in the first line of the other method i get a nullpointerexception)

      If anyone help i'd appreciate so much!