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    Imagine this project

    norrin Newbie

      Hello everybody

      I'm looking forward to create this project: a server application which must launch experiments which may takes a long, let's say hours or even days to finish. The parameters of the experiments must be saved in database, and also the results of the experiments. The experiments should generate logs to see what's happening. The experiments may be paused, resumed and stopped by user interaction.

      I must use J2EE and EJBs. I cannot think about other technology. So please don't post answers in this sense.

      I have thought the following scenario: for the data to be saved (results of the experiments, logs, parameters) I'd use entity beans. For the generation of logs, I'd use message driven beans. But, what is the most important (and I don't sure about it): the experiment process itself should be a stateful session bean or a MBean? If it's a session bean, how can I pause or resume it? Shouldn't it be a service? I think that MBeans can interact with the EJBs (entity beans, message driven beans and session beans) but I'm not sure how.

      Any light you can throw about this project will be welcome....