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    Connection Pooling in JBoss

    Ramesh R Newbie

      Hi ,

      I need to establish Connection Pooling in Jboss. I have an application running on it which should be used by aroun 1000 users. So the only thing i need ot do is to have ConnectionPooling.

      Im not sure about the documents which describe how to create connectrion pooling in Jboss and what are the steps to follow.

      Please let me know if u have any idea on this.


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          Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

          database connections are always pooled in JBoss


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            Ramesh R Newbie

            Im sorry that question was mis framed...the problem is we have around 500 concurrent users accessing the application.

            So in this case, since we have jdbc connection created , we will not be able to supposrt such a huge concurrent users ?

            What should be done , to support this concurrent users???


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              Raja Master

              Are you having 500 concurrent users? Even then, you shud be closing the connection as soon as the SQL access is done without caching it(im hoping this is done already).

              What is the actual problem? Supporting concurrent users more than the number of connections is application logic, you mite want to make them wait, increase the number of connections etc.

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                Ramesh R Newbie

                Ok....but the problem is i am establishing a thin jdbc connection in my Servlet...
                and the problem is when we have so many concurrent users ...the application gets hanged....

                I m not sure what needs to be done...prev when working in Weblogic we use to do connection pooling in Admin console...

                that is what i also want...is there a way to use connection poolin for my applciation in JBoss... and if so....how this has to be done....

                do we have any documentation for this ...?