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    JBOSS local home object lookup question

    hann98 Newbie

      Recently professor assigned us an assignment in which we need to convert an entity bean from remote access to local home access only.

      After doing the research and reading, I was able to do so, however there's something that's puzzling me and I would like to get some clearification.

      When I converted the entity bean's interface to extend EJBlocalHome, everything works fine except for the fact when I deployed in JBOSS, I couldn't lookup the bean, always returning ejb not found namingexception. This made me extremely frustrated and baffled, frantically looking up everywhere in the internet looking for an answer and double checking my code. Finally about an hour later after I rescanted the JBOSS output log, I noticed JBOSS had re-named my bean from the original "StoreBean" to "local/StoreBean".

      Being a new java bean learner, it is this a ejb standard in which all the local home beans begin with local/ or it is just a JBOSS specific case? In all my search on the internet none spoke about this effect, so I would like to get some clearification.


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          Adrian Brock Master

          You can't have searched very hard, I've must have answered this question
          a hundred times in these forums.

          jndi binding is not part of the spec, each vendor has there own deployment
          descriptior where you can specify it and each provides a default if you don't
          specify it (not necessarily the same - this is why ejb-refs exist).