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      I am confused by a series of deployment problems that I am having. In my application, I have an html form that posts its content to a a servlet with the action /appname/appServlet. This was changed from another name several revisions ago. Every time I construct the war and deploy it the old name is in the form. I have deconstructed the deployed war and have confirmed that the correct action is in the form. In the jboss.web section of the jmx-console, I see the servlet that I am looking for. I patterned the application layout after the jboss-ide tutorial layout. The main application is in an ear file and within that file is a war file. The html files are located at the top level in the war.

      The war file is only deployed in the default/deploy directory. Although, this doesn't seem like a big problem, I am at a loss as to why my application is not working. Everything that I check seems to indicate that the app is in order, however this is not the case. Does anyone have any suggestion as to how I can solve this problem?