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    sorting out the


      hi all,

      for the first time, i have deployed two apps (two ear files) on the same jboss server (3.2.2/windows2000) using postgres (7.4.2) as the db. if i access application "A", it initializes the db connection pool, etc. and everything works great - but upon accessing application "B" i get a 500 error. this is, i believe, because the second application is trying to re-initialize the same instance of the DBConnectionPool that was initialized by the first application ... and therefore does not have access to any db resoures via a connection pool. here is a line from a .jsp page that is the same in both applications:

      <jsp:useBean class="net.robin.util.DBConnectionPool" id="DBPool" scope="application" />

      now, since these two applications are deployed in their own respective .ear files, running in their own web spaces, with their own respective "contexts" defined by various xml files ... shouldn't the second app not be trying to access (not even be *able* to access) the same instance of my DBConnectionPool? are their key places in my xml configuration files, etc. i should be checking to make sure there isn't some sort of conflict or shared parameters?

      or does "application" scope mean that indeed both "applications" will be looking at the same instance of DBConnectionPool???