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    Announcement: What is the difference between 3.1.x and 3.2.0

    Sergey Smirnov Master

      Last week we created a special branch in SVN. The name of it is 3.1.x. This branch is dedicated to bug fixes and small improvements.

      At the same time, the SVN trunk will be used for the main development cycle including the bug fix as well. The expect date and the feature list for 3.2.0 is not set yet. Approximately, we can speak about the second part of January 2008.

      We are going to release version based on 3.1.x branch once a month (might be often). Most likely, the next (3.1.1) release will be built a week or so before the Seam 2.0.0 GA (to make it possible to include it in the distribution).

      3.1.x branch is planned as always a production-quality codebase. It means that the bug fixes and small improvements will be carefully selected from the set of issues assigned for 3.2.0 (trunk) originally.

      There are two major motivations will used for decision what will be merged into the 3.1.x, but what should wait for 3.2.0:
      * critical issues - the ones that disable the declared functionality without possible workaround
      * fixes and improvements that are local and harmless for the rest of the code.

      If you notice the functional degradation or instability taking the 3.1.x-SNAPSHOT, let us now immediately.

      The following wiki article will contain the changes in 3.1.1 . The article is updated on bi-weekly base.