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    JBoss 3.2.3 and Tomcat 4.1.29 with Cocoon - No context confi

    pingles Newbie

      Hi, this is the first time I've started dabbling with Java.

      I've finally got JBoss and Tomcat working with Apache 2 using mod_jk2, albeit with a couple of things.

      I've used the standard workers2.properties file to configure the URI's, and have a couple set up (jkstatus and jmx-console). Both of these work fine.

      Here's a snapshot of the workers2.properties file:
      info=Display status information and checks the config file for changes.





      info=map the whole app

      I'm trying to get it working with cocoon. I've had it working previously, but only when I start JBoss using ./run.sh at the command prompt. If I use the RedHat start script (incidentally I'm running it on Debian) it starts up but for some reason I get a No context configured error only when accessing cocoon.

      What does the ./run.sh -c all command do above and beyond what ./run.sh doesn't?

      I can't connect when using port 8080 (i.e. talking to Tomcat directly) either, again, it works with jmx-console but dies with Cocoon.

      As I said, all suggestions would be welcomed.