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    JBoss can't compile jmx-console after deploying Cocoon

    pingles Newbie

      I've played around a little more and have the problem somewhat consistently appearing.

      If I install the JBoss binary installation and then start the server using run.sh I can successfully browse to http://machine:8080/jmx-console/ or web-console to view the applications.

      However, if I then deploy the Cocoon war file the server then falls over when I open the same applications. However, if I open up Cocoon it works fine.

      Looking at the Java stack trace on the server, it seems to originate from JasperException, saying Error occurred at line: -1 in the jsp file: null.

      Scrolling up through the log there is a java.io.IOException: cannot allocate memory. This occurs within the log for various JSPs.

      It oughtn't be running out of memory, I've upped it to set the maximum heap size to over 128meg.

      I was wondering if anyone could suggest why it would seem to work with Cocoon, but as soon as I copy over the Cocoon war it falls over.

      Thanks again,